Gloucestershire Orchards Trust

Gloucestershire Orchards Trust are our county skills hub and are helping us to restore orchards in Gorsley, Kilcot and Longney.

Established in 2001, the Trust is champions Gloucestershire’s traditional orchards and has published several guides to local fruit varieties.

Become a member

Its members include people with a general love of orchards, expert orchardists, cider or juice makers, fruit growers and collectors.

This friendly group welcomes new members and you don’t have to be an orchard expert to join!

The Longney ‘mother orchard’

GOT’s ‘mother orchard’ contains most of the county’s apple varieties and has links to the National Perry Pear collection.

You can find out more about the Longney group of orchards on the new GOT blog.

To find out more about the TCTOP orchards the Trust members have supported, just click on the pictures opposite.

Astman's Farm Orchard

Plum Day August 2015 Astmans

Bearman's Orchard

Bearman's Orchard

Bollow Orchard

Bollow Workshop 26July15.resized

Piece Orchard

Chamberlayne's Orchard (2)

Gorsley Orchard

Gamage Court Orchard

Lambourne House Orchard

lambourne House orchard 009

Long Tyning Orchard

Longney orchard visit May 2015 018

Rose Cottage Orchard

Listening to martin

Vimpney Orchard

St. Augustine's Orchard

Wick Orchard

Wick orchard

Wick Folly Orchard

Wick Folly Orchard

Wick Home Orchard

Wick Home Orchard